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Looking for Franchise Opportunities ?; part of the Synergy Franchise Group, LLC network is a dynamic, results oriented company with over 40 years of experience and a strong track record of performance and results working with independent businesses, franchisors & franchisees from many industries, ages and in various stages of growth from around the world. By utilizing critical thinking, keen analysis, insights, synergy and a team approach Synergy Franchise Group, LLC has been able to drive business revenue and organizational improvements and where needed implement successful changes to systems and best practices. We possess superior interpersonal skills and are capable of resolving multiple and complex (sales, human
resources, financial, operational) issues and motivating staff to peak performance. We will contribute this same level of performance as a member of your team.

Some of Our Areas of Expertise Include:

• Strategy Planning
• Revenue Generation/Cost Controls
• Profitability & Cost Analysis
• Systems & Operations Management
• Policy & Procedure Development
• Infrastructure & Growth Management
• Project Management
• Contact to Contract Facilitation
• Franchisee Recruitment
• Turnaround/Change Management
• Budgeting & Expense Management
• Team Building/Performance Improvement
• International Operations, Support & Expansion
• Franchise/Business Development
• Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship
• Training & Support
• Concept Branding/Marketing
• Site Selection, Lease Negotiation
• Vendor/Contract Negotiations
• “Next Step” Strategy Planning
• Business Exit Strategy (sale of business evaluation)
David is very passionate about assisting franchisors and franchisees in any aspect of their business. Feel free to contact David regarding your franchising needs via:

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(410) 979-1154

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