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Whether you are looking to buy a franchise or turn your concept into a franchise, we can help. Franchising doesn’t have to be hard. With over 30 years of experience in the franchise industry, our team can assist you in developing a fool-proof strategy for growing your business and increasing profitability.

Are you ready to franchise? Contact our office today to get started. We can help you decide whether a particular opportunity is right for you to invest based on your individual strengths and ultimate business goals. Get the resources, coaching, and support you need from industry experts.

About Franchise Teacher

Franchise Teacher helps individuals and businesses recognize and grow franchise opportunities. Our franchise leaders have helped people worldwide purchase, launch, and expand their businesses. We tailor our services to the unique needs of our clients.

Whether you are looking for assistance with identifying the right franchise opportunity, determining if your business concept is franchisable, or revitalizing your existing franchise system, we can help. Franchise Teacher works with companies of all sizes and in all stages of franchise development.
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Our services are designed to cater to franchise systems at different levels of development and maturity. We classify companies into three different categories: “start-up,” “young,” and “mature.” Each stage of development presents its own obstacles and needs.

Depending on which category your franchise system falls into, our services may include a franchise-ability review, budgeting assistance, franchise recruitment, launch and growth strategy, operations review, and one-on-one coaching. All of our programs are individualized to the client.
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Our Team

Our team consists of industry professionals with decades of experience helping franchisees and franchisors grow their businesses. We focus on strategies that provide long-term stability and profitability. We live and breathe franchise systems and are passionate about helping our clients realize their full potential.
Christopher Simnick, CFE
David Gould, Partner
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Do you have a franchisable concept that you are ready to launch? Or a mature franchise system that needs rebranding? Contact Franchise Teacher today to get started. No matter the industry, we can help you achieve your franchise goals. Our team is committed to providing you with the coaching and support you need to achieve unparalleled growth.
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